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Randy Jones, Photographer

Born in Tucson, Az. in June of 1953. Moved to Los Angeles in 1958. Growing up with my cousin Chris, we both got interested in photography in '62. We started out with B&W contact prints and developed our own B&W film. Shooting pictures from basic roll cameras, we shot anything and everything. Even then we liked to shoot a variety of projects; landscape, flowers, cars, and architecture. As time went on, in '68, I purchased my first Nikon TN 35 mm film camera. Owned Pentax, sold the camera, and started buying Nikon lenses, Vivitar and Nikkor. I had a B&W darkroom with a Beseler 23C Enlarger. Made B&W up to 18" x 24" Prints. Went to Pacific Palisades High School, where Photography was my major. Shot for the school yearbook, class of '71. My uncle Chick was into photography and helped both my cousin and myself get deeper into photography. His words of wisdom were "Burn film, baby...burn film". We both started shooting color slides as B&W was starting to fade away with us. My focus (no pun intended) remained landscapes, flowers, cars, and pretty much anything except portraits. I wanted a color darkroom, but the cost made it prohibitive at the time. Moved to Northern California, Santa Rosa area late '71. Met my wife in late '71, married in '73. Had another B&W darkroom, but children came along and out went the darkroom. Tinkered with photography for a few years. Then it came back in the late 1980s when I became a Season Ticket holder out at Sears Point Raceway in Sonoma, Ca. There I began to shoot race cars, all classes and types; Nascar, sports cars, motorcycles, and dragsters. In the mid 90s, I purchased a Nikon N-70 Film camera. After paying through the nose on 35mm film, I finally came to my senses and purchased a Nikon D-70 Digital Camera, in the late 90s. A whole new world in photography was introduced and I am still learning today. Today, I shoot a Nikon D-200 and a Nikon D-700 with a Tamron 28/300 SC lens and a 200/500 Tamron Zoom.

Take a look at my website. My son-in-law, Mr. Steve Alkire, is my webmaster. We have spent many hours building this website together. Any comments or suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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